Why Run Lab? (Part 1)

Why Run Lab? (Part 1)

October 6, 2020

Running, something mankind has been doing since the dawn of time is now a modality of fitness rather than a means of survival. We no longer need to escape a Tyrannosaurus, or catch wild game for dinner, but now we use running as an escape from our couches and desks.

So often, we turn to running as a means to get in shape, or lose some weight. Since 2004, running as a means of fitness has increased by 70%. (http://www.runningusa.org/2014-running-industry-report?returnTo=annual-reports). Not only are more people running, but also there are more people running longer distances. In 2010, there were over 500,000 marathon finishers. 

Increasing physical activity is good, but are we prepared to run? Just because we ran as children, does not mean we are still capable of running well. It is not likely that we can transition from our sedentary lives and begin running without consequences. Most people have stiff ankles, hips and spines. When we couple that with weakness and deconditioning, we are practically asking for an injury.

The purpose of Run Lab at Impact Physio is to assess each runner’s unique physical capability and to provide a structured program in order to promote optimal performance. We combine a physical assessment with an analysis of running form in order to determine weak links in running performance.

The physical assessment is comprehensive of the entire body as it relates to running. Posture, mobility, strength and balance are all evaluated. This is followed by video assessment of your running form.

We upload the video into motion analysis software in order to view your running form in slow motion. This allows us to identify areas of inefficiency and potential risk for injury. Findings from the physical assessment and video assessment are correlated in order to determine an intervention strategy. This initial visit lasts about 90 minutes and includes instruction in exercises and drills to improve.

​We offer a variety of packages designed to meet your needs. For those individuals who are more independent, programs for self-implementation will be provided. There are packages available for those who may need some level of supervision and/or hands-on attention.

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