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Have you missed time running or had to modify training because of pain or injury?

Are you a new runner or returning to running after time off?


Do you just want to optimize your performance (Run faster / farther)?

It is logical to think that our running form is something we all do naturally. However, that is not typically the case. Most of us have long lists of reasons we no longer run with the most efficient stride; years of desk work or school, previous injuries, stress, and more. Others just have a short list, like a teenager who just went through a growth spurt.

Once a motor pattern is learned, even if it’s not the best one, correcting it can take some work. You can do all the strengthening and stretching you want, but it likely won’t change the movement pattern you’ve been using while running. We have to make a concentrated effort to change the movement pattern and, therefore, change our gait.

This can result in faster running and reduce the risk of injuries.


Reduce Injuries

Reducing the stress of each step by 10% can help you run twice as far before your body breaks down. Changing your form can help with this.

Improve Performance

Running form contributes to running economy, one of the biggest predictors of run performance. Improved running economy equals improved performance.

Love Every Run

When you get a gait analysis and find a new form that works for you, it often feels easier and more enjoyable because your body does less work for the same result (or faster).

When runners try to change their stride, they often use a cookie-cutter method like Pose Method. Others may have gotten bits and pieces of advice and try to incorporate them all at once while they run (i.e., land on your mid-foot, lean forward, drive your knees, relax your arms). The former is too generic and may not be the change you need (not to say it can’t work for some, but you need to figure out if you’re that someone). The latter is too difficult for our brains to process while performing such a quick and complex movement.

That’s where 3D Gait analysis comes in!

It is a service that

  • Has typically only been available to professional athletes
  • Utilizes Gold standard technology
  • Allows for Live feedback
  • Helps runners get over injuries and take their running to the next level
  • Includes built-in algorithms to unlock each runner’s unique running form.

To change a movement pattern, we prescribe a series of drills that progress from slow and deliberate movements to faster, running-like movements. We do this along with giving you ONE simple cue to use while you run. This is all based on your individual results of the 3D gait analysis.

Improving your running economy by 5% leads to a 3.8% improvement in performance in distance events. A 4-hour marathoner can save 9+ minutes.

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RunDNA 3D Technology allows us to get results immediately and compare your numbers and angles to the established norms. We can then categorize your gait (overstrider, collapser, bouncer, weaver, etc…),  have you try some cues, and get some real-time feedback on whether those cues are changing your running form in a way that will reduce your pain or improve your performance.

We typically land on one simple cue for you to use that will make the most impact (i.e., drive your knees forward, follow a metronome for cadence, etc). We then prescribe the drills that support this change.

This goes to the RunDNA app, where you can see your results and follow your personalized training calendar.

Impact Physio currently has 2 options for 3D Assessment:

Basic Assessment

40 minutes – $120

Premium Assessment

80 minutes – $349

3-D Gait Analysis  ✔  ✔
Corrective Drills  ✔  ✔
App Access  ✔ (1 month)  ✔ (3 months)
Runner Readiness Assessment  ✔
Loading Levels Assessment  ✔
Fully Custom Exercise Program  ✔
Follow-up 3D Analysis
(4-6 weeks out)

Contact for more information about reduced rates for groups or teams.

Are you interested in an individualized training plan based on Gold Standard technology and evidence for mobility, strength, power, and running form for runners of all abilities to keep you running healthier, stronger, better?

More about the 5 Main Categories of Gait

Which one do you think you fit into? Have you seen pictures of yourself that suggest one of these categories? Maybe you have had chronic injuries that are common for a specific category of runner.

A 3D gait analysis is the best way to find out and put yourself on a more successful injury-free running path.

If this sounds like something that could benefit you, but you still have questions, schedule an in-person or virtual discovery visit. If you have been frustrated by injuries or poor performance, there is an easy way to run faster and/or farther with less effort. Recent advances in 3D running analysis technology enable runners of all abilities to get the insight they need to know and improve their form. Athletes work with a certified running gait analyst to develop a personalized plan with exercises, drills, and cues that will improve their running form. Runners will see instant results and make lasting change in as little as 2-3 weeks. Even a 10% improvement in form can help runners go twice as far before their body breaks down. If you are serious about running, a 3D running gait analysis is the best way to get great results.