What’s The One Piece Of Equipment To Buy For Your Home Gym?

What’s The One Piece Of Equipment To Buy For Your Home Gym?

September 25, 2020

A lot of people these days are buying gym equipment for their home gyms. We want to hear from you…was there something that you just bought that you love!

If I had to pick one piece of equipment that I truly love and would be non-negotiable in my home gym, I would pick kettlebells. Here are a few reasons why I love kettlebells:

1. There’s something about the kettlebell swing and snatch that is so graceful and rhythmic that it’s almost meditative to watch. I could literally watch someone swing a kettlebell for 5 minutes straight 🙂

2. The kettlebell is one of the only training tools that is versatile enough to challenge your strength, endurance, coordination, balance, stability and power. 

3. Just picking up a kettlebell in your hand makes you feel strong and confident. 
Here’s a glimpse into a sample kettlebell workout that I did the other day. 

Complete 4 Rounds:

  • 5 Swings
  • 5 Snatches
  • 5 Squats
  • 5 Overhead press

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