Steamtown Marathon Training: Week 6

Steamtown Marathon Training: Week 6

October 6, 2020

Well, I’m late getting this out again but better late than never. There are a few things I have figured out by now…I still don’t know how to schedule my nutrition and I need a new pair of sneakers. I am also wondering how I am going to make it to 26.2 miles when I feel terrible after 1/3 of that distance?

Monday: Recovery.

Tuesday: Basketball in the morning. 11 hours at work and then a 3-mile run in the evening, Basketball was 2.1 miles with a average HR of 147 and a max HR of 171. The evening run was at 9:53 pace with an average HR of 149 and a max HR of 166. My average cadence was 171 and average vertical displacement was 9.41cm. Average ground contact time balance was 51% Left and 49% Right. All things considered, this was one of my better runs so far.

Wednesday: NEPA Fit Club.
Starter: 4 sets each of double kettlebell  (52 pounds) rear-foot elevated split squats x 6 each leg alternating with single leg wall planks with 10-second hold x 4 each leg.
Next: 4 sets each of push-ups on the rings with feet elevated x 10 reps alternating with feet elevated TRX rows x 8 reps.
Finisher: 4 sets each of Double kettlebell (35 pounds) single-arm press with the other arm in elevated rack position x 6 reps each alternating with hinged row (44 pounds) x 8 reps each.

Thursday: Thunderstorms = no track work.

Friday: NEPA Fit Club (I’m still sore from my workout on Wednesday)
            Starter: Sled push at 145 pounds x 8 minutes.
            Strength: 4 sets each of Low-handle deadlift at 265 pounds x 4 repetitions alternating with rocking from a ½ kneel position x 10 each side.
            Finisher: 4 rounds of Single arm swings (alternating hands) with 35 pounds x 10 reps each side, 52 pounds x 6 reps each side and 70 pounds x 3 reps each side.

Friday: It is my wife’s birthday,  so we go for a couples massage. I think the woman nearly killed me!!!

Saturday: Tabata sprints on the bike 20 seconds sprint with 10 seconds rest x 8 minutes. I was supposed to run the sprints but I’m still sore from lifting and the massage.

Sunday: 9.5 mile run at an average pace of 10:42. I was planning to go 10 but I got lost on the trail and miscalculated. My average HR was 154 with a max HR of 171. My average cadence was 169 and average vertical oscillation was 9.46 cm. Average ground contact time balance was 50.9% on the Left and 49.1% on the Right. I switched shoes at the 4 mile mark because I was afraid of blisters. I wore the Altra’s in the beginning and switched to the Skora’s for the last 5.5 miles. I did not feel overly fatigued but my ankles were killing me. I need a new pair of shoes. I also experienced some gastric distress. I tried a Cliff organic energy pouch before the run (won’t do that ever again) and had too much for dinner the night before (will probably do that again at some point).