Steamtown Marathon 2016: Week 1

Steamtown Marathon 2016: Week 1

October 6, 2020

So, week one of training is in the books. I experienced some technical difficulties (spent a few days without my laptop) and did not blog on a daily basis. I am now wondering if a weekly summary might be better anyway. You will have to let me know what you think.

Sunday: Ran Lake Scranton. 3.46 miles in 34:24 (ave pace 9:57/mi). Ave HR 154 bpm; Max HR 165 bpm; Ave Cadence 166 spm; Ave Vertical Oscillation: 9.77 cm. I ran with Geoff and he is too fast for me. My heart rate was not in the correct training zone and my vertical oscillation was too high. I ran in my Altra’s and had some calf strain during the run. I also felt like I might get a blister in my arches if I went any farther.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Basketball for a total of 46 min. Ave HR 152; Max HR 180. (forgot to track distance)

Wednesday: NEPA Fit Club Started with some sprinting intervals; worked some lifts; more sprinting intervals; more lifting. Had a Right hamstring strain during sprints (stinks to be old).

​Thursday: Supposed to be 200m intervals but my hamstring was not comfortable during the first interval and I did not continue. I did do a few sprint intervals on the spin bike at the office instead.

Friday: Basketball for a total of 1:06:34; 3.7 miles; Ave HR 132 and Max HR 164. Definitely had Right hamstring pain if I made any quick sprinting motions.

Saturday: 5K Time Trial (user error caused watch malfunction = no data from the run). Experienced some Right hamstring soreness during the run but more afterwards. Another workout at NEPA Fit Club:HRI sled sprints (255 lbs) 6s on – 60 off for 16 sets   A1.Trap bar deadlift 260 lbs 4×5 A2. Super dead bug 4x8ea  B1 . Unsupported Kettlebell row 3×10-12 each side 44 lbs B2. Step up (18″) with hip flexion 35 lbs 3×8 B3. Anti rotation push-up 3x8ea  C1 lateral bear crawl down and back C2 rotational med ball toss 3×15. Smoked after the workout. Thought about going to play volleyball but decided to rest instead.

Overall, I was a little disappointed with my performance this week, especially with the hamstring soreness. I also did not eat as well, or sleep as well as I should have…something to improve for next week!


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