Dealing With An Injury? How To ‘Talk’ To Your Muscles To Help Them Heal…

Dealing With An Injury? How To ‘Talk’ To Your Muscles To Help Them Heal…

September 25, 2020

A common theme amongst anyone who sustains an injury, whether it’s a ligament sprain, muscle strain, or just a niggle, everyone assumes the same thing…that they should REST. Or go see a doctor who can prescribe pain PILLS or and INJECTION. Or even worse, recommend SURGERY. Please don’t get me wrong…there are definitely times when a specific injury will indicate surgery, but usually this is the exception not the rule. ​[…]When we decide to REST, the area around our injury does not receive as much blood flow. Blood flow brings nutrients to the area, allowing the area to heal. Most injuries can be rehabbed with MOVEMENT & EXERCISE. Movement and exercise, when prescribed appropriately specific to the injury with the correct dosage applied (how much and how often), will be the ONE thing that heals your injury. After all, movement is the MODE OF COMMUNICATION to muscles and ligaments. It’s the only language that muscles and ligaments can understand and respond to. For example, when you have a hamstring injury, doing a simple exercises like Bridges, which targets the hamstrings, communicates to those muscle cells where and in which direction to lay down new cells as the injury heals. It’s pretty amazing! There are parameters that need to be followed with regards to which exercises to do and which not to do as well as which exercises will give you the biggest bang for your buck and how often to do them. That’s when an expert in movement and tissue injury, i.e. a physical therapist, should be consulted. 
When you sustain an injury or experiencing pain, it’s tough to know how much you should do. That’s why I wrote this blog a few weeks ago to help give you some guidelines. These guidelines can be used for any activity, not just running. Whether it’s standing, sitting, walking, or hiking, use these guidelines and parameters to help you decide how much you should be doing.
If you’re currently struggling with an injury or pain or know someone who is, please send them this article. Or if you have questions or comments, add them here and we will respond. If you’re dealing with an injury that just won’t shake, call our office and speak to our specialist Physical Therapist for free some tips and what you can do to accelerate your recovery process now.

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