i didn't fall

I Didn’t Fall

Well obviously this is a humorous take on falling.  Unfortunately, falling is a common occurrence for a wide range of age groups.  Many individuals believe falling is a “normal” part of aging.  However, falling is generally indicative of a physical impairment or disease process and may lead to serious injuries. According to the National Council …

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Falling – The Usual Suspects

What is causing me to fall?  The most common question asked.  Well, that’s not always an easy answer, but I’ll address the basics.  Generally there is an impairment or limitation in one of three systems in our body.  These systems include the following: 1.) Vision: Although this system is pretty simple to comprehend, it’s extremely …

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Falling Facts Behind the Fear

Falling: Facts Behind The Fear

If you generally step more gently as you go down the stairs, hold the hand-railing a little bit tighter, and take careful note of where your feet land next… you’re not alone. The vast majority of us either consciously or subconsciously fear the sudden jolt and feeling of vertigo related to feeling taking a tumble …

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