An Intern’s Experience At Body Moksha

An Intern’s Experience At Body Moksha

September 25, 2020

Not only is there good music, spectacular gym equipment, and friendly mask-wearing faces at Body Moksha, but the best well-rounded physical therapy there is. 

Body Moksha is unlike any other physical therapy treatment. When I first started my internship I noticed Tejal and Sam’s top-notch organization skills, excellent communication, and kindness.

What stood out to me was how Tejal approaches an injury wholesomely. Tejal, not only zeros in on where the pain is, but where it started with questions regarding sleep, diet, and everyday stressors of life. Tejal’s immense care for her patients’ well being and not just their injury made me realize how different Body Moksha is than other PT clinics.    

Not only is Body Moksha’s practice unique, but the atmosphere too. My favorite part of every day was seeing how both Tejal and Sam interact with patients. During strength training, PT, or massage therapy, Tejal loves to get to know her patient from their family, friends, pets, favorite meals, weekend plans, etc. The conversations are anything but dull. Even when a patient is waiting to be seen, Sam is always greeting people with a warm hello. I couldn’t tell if a brand new patient or regular patient walked in because no matter what, Sam and Tejal were happy to see them.

You will never feel alone or unable at Body Moksha. When an exercise is difficult, Tejal automatically offers her support: words of encouragement or a slight adjustment of form. Tejal will even grab a weight herself and do the exercise with the patient. Not only does Tejal make sure the exercises are pain-free, but also slightly challenging to grant that patient the confidence they deserve after recovering from an injury.

I am so grateful I got this internship experience for the information I learned about PT, but also that I got to see both sides of PT: the joy of recovering from an injury and gaining strength and the joy of seeing a patient do so. PT at Body Moksha is more than just figuring out where the pain is, it’s the road to recovery where strength and determination are earned.

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