5 Great Dry Land Exercises

5 Great Dry Land Exercises

September 25, 2020

Whether you are a serious triathlete, runner, swimmer, or doing your first couch to 5K dry land training should be an integral part of your training schedule. These 5 exercises will help strengthen your core, glutes, shoulders, rotator cuff, back, and hips. They are great for stability, balance, and for strengthening the muscles you will be putting more load on during your training and racing. These exercises are perfect for competitive swimmers who are entering into their championship meets, triathletes and runners who are gearing up for the spring and summer, and especially for beginners who don’t want to get injured as they increase their activity level. So scroll down to check out these 5 great dry land exercises! […]

1.  Banded Angels

​2.  Plank With Hip Extension

3.  Split Squat With Shoulder External Rotation

4. Standing Shoulder Internal Rotation

5.  W, T, Y

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