Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to a compression of the median neuron within the carpal tunnel. It causes pain, tingling, or in extreme cases, numbness in your thumb, index middle, and 1/2 of your ring finger. This is usually caused by repetitive tasks that involve the wrist and hand. This can be caused by typing with your wrists on hard surfaces.

This condition is more severe at night and when driving, and can cause loss of coordination and grip strength. Atrophy (muscle loss) of the thumb muscles can occur as the problem worsens.

The treatment usually involves splinting the wrist to keep it in a neutral position (no bend in the wrist either way), anti-inflammatory medication and, most importantly, modification of activity such as cycling with a padded glove. The transverse carpal ligament can be removed surgically before muscle wasting occurs. The patient will be offered physical therapy to restore strength and range of motion.